To be Released January 11, 2022:

Werewolf Sara Flores is minding her own business when she runs smack into a child kidnapping ring. It would be stupid for her to get involved — these men will kill anyone who threatens them. But Sara will risk stupid things. Because she saw the pudgy little 3-year-old. She looked into his tear-stained blue eyes as they dragged him away. She’s going to save that kid if she has to bite the heads off of half the criminals in the state. Literally.


Sara Flores just wants to help a family whose daughter died. Now she’s facing: 1) A Texas sheriff who wants her gone — almost as badly as she wants to punch in his huge cowboy hat. 2) Evildoers willing to kill her to keep her from the truth. 3) Too big a risk of exposing just what she is. But she has to try. She can’t let the parents die of heartbreak. And she can’t let anyone discover her secret.

It wasn’t supposed to risk lives! Sara just wanted a little break from killing bad guys and saving innocents. But a stop at a local zoo made her lose her mind. Now she’s on a rescue mission —with so many ways it could go very, very wrong.

But… sometimes a werewolf just has to do what a werewolf has to do. No matter the cost. No matter the body count.Because if she didn’t at least try, she’d never forgive herself.

What would your life be like if you were a werewolf? But — your wolf is an actual wolf — not some ugly Hollywood monster.

What would the world feel like if you could dash 35 mph through the woods, the air curving around your body like a caress? What would you smell? What would you hear?

How would this power to transform change you? Imagine walking down a dark street without fear. Would you use your new powers selfishly? To punish your enemies? To get rich?

Or — would you use your powers to help others? To stop bullies. To stop evil.

Buckle up — it’s going to be a bumpy ride(!)

Improve Your Eyesight

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? And would you like to get rid of them for once and for all and see clearly again with your own eyes? You CAN. Through this method, thousands of people have thrown away their glasses and regained normal sight. And you can too.

There is nothing magical about improving vision. You simply need to take one step after another — when you know the right steps. The first step is to break the stare and get your eyes shifting again. Then to awaken your sense of motion. You’ll learn these and many more in this action-oriented handbook designed to GET YOU STARTED NOW improving your eyesight.


You won’t find a faster, easier blueprint for raising prices without alienating your customers. Thirteen of the tactics don’t require you do anything else but raise the price — each utilizing a different psychological principle. Others are tactics you can use in negotiations, or with changes in the product, promotion, positioning, packaging, or distribution. And you get the 1-2-3 PriceChangeModelTM that lets you assess the likely results of your price changes — and whether to respond to a competitor’s change.

You can read a tactic, raise your price, and immediately protect your business. AND you have this “idea book” for any time in the future when you face another pricing decision. Available everywhere.

“A straightforward and utterly engaging one-stop guide to growing older.” – Kirkus Reviews

Everything FINAL eCover V1Aging in our society is like stepping into an alternate universe! It looks the same, but it’s really not! Unexpected dangers that could ruin the rest of your life:

  • Medical professionals who think a three-question test is sufficient to label you mentally impaired 
  • A broken guardianship program where a used-car dealer is made a judge — and he can declare you incompetent without even seeing you.
  • Medical research that has willfully ignored seniors — risking your health and even your life

Get the dirty little secrets — and how to protect yourself! — of a society that mostly prefers to warehouse and then forget its seniors.

What does it take to improve vision to 20/20 — and keep it there?

That was the singular focus of Bates teacher Gary Gunter. During 1950s and 60s in Los Angeles, dozens of Bates-Corbett teachers gathered monthly to pool their knowledge: What was working for students? What wasn’t? At many of those meetings, Gary Gunter spoke up with insights, ideas and refinements on the techniques. When his fellow teachers got too caught up in mechanical drills, he reminded them – frequently – that vision is nine-tenths mental, and that is where the emphasis should lie. Improving eyesight is not about “eye exercises” or mechanical drills. These are the thoughts and writings of Gary Gunter as he explored how best to turn these insights into actions that would work for clients.So… free your mind and transform your vision! (Available here)